Want to engage your customers?

Looking for that WOW factor?

Hoping to create a buzz about YOUR establishment?


Stand apart from the competition with a ONE-OF-A-KIND offering

Fill in the time between ordering & serving with laughter & amazement 


An effective tool used to make wait times or delays "fly by" in the mind of the customer




Caleb provides a courteous, complimentary entertainment option for each group that builds the energy.


This mix-and-mingle style entertainment saves valuable floorspace & allows your customers an opportunity to engage in the uncommon experience of close-up magic, creating incredible memories of their visit.

FAQs for Owners & GMs 

How do I know my customers will enjoy the magic?

People of all ages love magic but rarely have the chance to see it performed live. An interactive, live experience with magic presented by a professional gives your guests something unique to not only remember for the rest of their lives but also to tell others about, helping to spread the word about your restaurant. Our purpose is to add to the environment that you work hard to create for your guests by offering them an extra feature to their experience and only enhancing their perception of your establishment. We are here to make you look good!

What if we are corporately owned?

No problem! Corporations actually hire Caleb out for large-scale events year-round and are so happy with the results that they share their glowing reviews with the public at-large! We are happy to speak with your corporate team and know they will be excited to jump on the opportunity to host this level of entertainment at such an incredible value!

How do you enhance the dining experience?

Your customers come out to visit your restaurant not only for a great meal, but also for the experience that you offer them. Adding the unique moments of impossible magic performed at their table means their experience is even more memorable. Customers appreciate the special attention you give them by providing this personalized entertainment & making their visit even more significant whether they are celebrating a birthday, enjoying a date night for their anniversary, or simply visiting as a cherished regular. Also, this specific type of restaurant entertainment can be used as a time buffer to smooth-over any wait times or delays. Simply engage your customers with the laughter and amazement from the magic to help the time "fly by".

How is this promoted?

Restaurant magic is properly promoted using a combination of several strategies: 1. Word of mouth via your customers & staff once they become familiar with this new feature 2. Online promotion via your website & social media platforms 3. A lobby poster we provide to advertise magic during the week 4. The recommendation by hosts and servers as guests are greeted & seated

FAQs for Servers & Hosts 

How can Caleb help me succeed?

Caleb works with you to give your customers the best experience possible. When a group is celebrating a special occasion, invite Caleb to help make their visit unforgettable! Even if you just see a fun group and you want to make an even better impression on them, let Caleb know and he can work his magic! This is an especially valuable tool if there is an unexpected delay from the kitchen or a longer wait time in the lobby. You can let Caleb know so that he can occupy your guests to help the time "fly by" & smooth-out their experience.

When does Caleb perform?

Caleb usually tries to perform while customers are waiting for their meal to arrive. He can perform at a different time during their visit upon special request. After years of working with hospitality, he knows how to stay out of your way & work WITH you to enhance your tables' experience.

What's the best way to work with Caleb?

When you greet your guests, you can let them know there is an amazing magician who is happy to entertain them on the house as they relax between courses. Then let Caleb know he has been requested & he will be happy to help you wow your guests. When you bring your table's meal, Caleb knows how to wrap up his performance & let you shine. After a few nights you will learn the best ways to work together so that you can give your guests the best experience possible.

Will Caleb take my tips?

Because Caleb has been hired by the management & does not earn his wages from tips, your working with him can only benefit your tips by enhancing the customer's experience. Caleb does not work for tips but rather works with you to make your tables happier; hopefully increasing your tips. Every once in a while a guest may insist on tipping & in that case Caleb will accept so as not to create a scene.


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