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Caleb performs close-up magic & illusions filled with shocking, interactive, and hilarious moments so that your guests can see, hear, and FEEL the excitement throughout the room and form better connections with each other during your event!



The Collective Experience

Caleb's engaging, interactive close-up or stage show with larger visuals so that your guests can experience the excitement, laughter and memories together at the same time!

Ever since he fooled himself with one of his first magic tricks at the age of 8, Caleb Morgan has been FASCINATED with the art of magic.

Now, working with the top professionals in the entertainment industry and combining his love of communication and connection with incredible magic, Caleb creates unbelievable experiences for audiences around the world.


Meet Caleb!

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"We will be booking him again" 

Joanna Antworth
Special Events
Country Club of Charleston

"Highly recommend him for any event" 

John Weeks
Human Resources

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